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07.11.2013 , 03:44 PM | #29
Well, I'm not going to campaign, but if I am selected - I will do it.

If you don't know much about me (besides my threads that I keep in my signature), here is a little background:

-I have been playing since pre-launch and was involved in some betas
-I am the GM and raid lead of Carnage Gaming - a high end raiding guild focused on 16 man content, republic, shadowlands server
-I leveled up as a healer on my Sage, I healed for the first 3 months raiding and fill in as heals when needed, my main spec is Balance (madness) and I primarily raid as DPS (almost exclusively now)
-In addition to my lvl 55 sage - I do have a level 55 sorc.
-In addition to my sorc/sage, I also have 55s of: Jug, Slinger, Vanguard. The Jug and VG are primarily tanks.
-I PvP extensively in my free time, although I never do ranked - most people would consider me a "very good" PvPer.