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Hey guys,

After seeing a lot of the feedback you guys are giving here in this thread we are going to add an addendum to one of the rules. As you guys have mentioned some folks have some concerns about a Class Representative not doing a good job of representing both PvP and PvE concerns. I can definitely see the validity of this concern and although I don't really want to put too many rules in place, we agree this may be needed. So...

When a Class Representative posts his top 3 questions/issues to go to the Combat team, 1 question must be PvE related and 1 must be PvP. That will allow the 3rd question to be a wildcard and cover any other issue they feel is necessary. We will allow exceptions if needed, like if there are clearly 3 PvE issues which overshadow PvP, we can talk with the Representative about exceptions. However, as a general rule, 1 PvP, 1 PvE, 1 whatever you want!

Keep the feedback coming guys and make sure you are nominating reps!

I made a post about it over at the sniper forums and it is something like this!
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