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I ran into a prime example of this behavior this morning. God mode DPS takes off and never slows down. Hits the biggest enemy before anyone else gets there and downs it and promptly runs on to the next encounter leaving me, the healer with all the agro and taking damage, and the much lower level dps and tank to drop all the rest. When I pause a second to tell him to let the tank tank I get asked "Y?".
When I tell him he's leaving a mess that everyone else has to clean up he get's all haughty and tells me that as he has 30+ some odd thousand health I should vastly prefer healing him over the lvl 50 tank with 14K health. I tell him no I'd prefer to heal the tank now let him do his job or I'm out of here.
His reply "go ahead my companion heals better than you." So I say fine and drop cause I don't have to put up with that crap.

Looking back on it the only regret I have is not initiating a vote kick on him first.

It's like this, when a DPS insists on filling the tank roll you simply don't have the tools to do the job properly. Sure you are leveled and geared so that no one opponent is going to give you grief but you have nothing to effectively manage agro. Instead of making the run quicker and easier on everyone else you are making it a pain in everyone's fourth point of contact.
If you really want he run to proceed quicker and easier carry out your role in the group properly. With your levels and gear you can blow through the weaker enemies and work your way up the chain in no time. The weak mobs will die before they can jump the healer. Your healer can focus on keeping everyone else alive instead of himself. And the tank is performing the role he queued up for. I guarantee you that if you focus on doing your job properly the FP will end far quicker than when you make a muck of everything cause you think your God's gift to FPs.
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