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Skotal i've added it to the front page. What do you think? >_<
What is the current role of a sniper in pvp and pve broken down by spec. How does development team want these specs to be used?
Regarding: SoS -> target dies -> FT does not proc. Can this be fixed or do we just live with it?
Armor appearances (i am sorry skotal but that is not related to the Combat Team)

after reading what you wrote for my #1 and what i did maybe role isnt the best word to use. Maybe something along the lines of What is the concept behind the sniper in pvp and pve broken down by spec? but i guess people can just read my post if they want the details.

2# looks fine

3# well it did ask for questions but if you want stricktly combat here is one that i'd like answered. Why in the mm tree (what would be called the most turret like spec) does ballistic dampeners require the sniper to leave cover to re-apply?
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