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Let the other candidates speak for themselves. You will vote for who you know. But as your Sorcerer Rep I will ensure to be frank and honest with Bioware about our needs and wants. I won't be pushed around by a big company just because they say what is. I will fight for what needs to happen.
Choose FrumpytheClown and you will choose to get your voices heard.
Facts about FrumpytheClown:
1. Plays no other class so knowledge and experience is guaranteed.
2. Leader of a guild that has been active since SWG first started - so you know dedication and satisfaction are things that can be brought to you.
3. Loves to listen so you WILL be heard.
4. Stands up for others so you WILL be taken care of.
5. Honest.
6. Sincere.
7. Frank.
8. Is here now, speaking up.

"I will do everything in my power to get your voices heard to Bioware. I will bring a passion that cannot be ignored by developers. If you want positive changes made to Sorcerer, vote for me. It's the right things to do."

Paid for by the committee of Fix it Now Not Later.

Lol @ point #1

You do not play any other classes? Well that's... not a good thing you know right?