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Raph Koster came up with the concept for SWG, and said pretty much exactly that as the purpose of the program, to create as another poster just said "forum warriors". It has nothing to do with improving the actual game, as I said, the devs already see our issues and know of them, and could easily respond. Heck, the likes of Eric who only make 1 or 2 posts a day, could easily be gathering such data.
Yep. The intentions behind this idea may be sound but it's difficult to see how much good can come of this aside from having a little fun with some extra forum traffic. I believe Musco himself said that less that 5% of the subscriber base use the forums on a regular basis so this a niche initiative at best. So far I recognize a lot of nepotism in the nomination threads- guildies cross-nominating each other. And there needs to be a distinction between PVE/PVP reps. Otherwise they are just secretaries paying BW $15/month to work on BW's behalf.

Deputizing forum goers to help the CM team is fine but let's call this what it is: crowd-sourcing, PR, and some fun conversations to be had. It reminds me of those annual employee opinion surveys which companies use to give employees the illusion that their voice matters(some firms actually take the feedback to heart, most auto-discard it). If this is supposed to alleviate some burden on the understaffed CM team, great, but it could also backfire and create more work for them.