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The most important thing i would like to see answered completely and comprehensively is what is the design philosophy behind snipers.

Something that includes what is the current role of a sniper in pvp and pve broken down by spec. Not how they are currently used but how the development team wants them to be used. I have had several forum debates about what the current intent vs the original intent of what snipers are supposed to be.

Here is an old post from before the forum reset. dated 11/3/11 from Georg Zoeller

It's much worse than you think.

No, a Sniper in cover cannot be charged with Force Leap. Yes, your warrior will have to move into melee range to engage the Sniper (or use ranged abilities like saber throw).

Marksman specced snipers specifically are a very defensive class.

You rarely see them leading the charge onto an objective, but they are masters of area denial. It's not just that you have to bridge 35 meters to them, with them getting the alpha strike. They got tools that will temporarily root you (Leg Shot), the force of impact from their Ambush ability pushes close range enemies back and their cover generator is fitted with the a pulse detonator that pushes attackers out of melee range (Cover Pulse). They can also become faster and faster the more they hit you (Sniper Volley). And did I mention that they can call down a powerful orbital satellite strike to protect the area around them?

You really don't want to charge these guys head on. Just like what I said about a Sage going into close range combat with a Melee DPS class, charging a good sniper head on alone will likely result in you dead on the ground and the Sniper mildly irritated.

How is it balanced? Carefully... We force you to be smart about moving into the area protected by these guys. If you're not smart about it and think you can charge into the fray, that's the wrong class to try that on. Their weakness is the fact that their most powerful abilities require them to be entirely static, that they have little ability to kite or establish range against a close range attacker.

You want to sneak up on them, distract them or eject them from cover (there's a very limited number of abilities that can do that), utilize environmental features to avoid line of sight, hit them with long range DOTs and wear them down, or gang up on them. If you manage to catch them close range without having lost too much of your health, they are in a lot of trouble and without Stealth generator or any kind of active escape ability, they are likely dead.
several new skills have been added and others have changed. does this concept still apply? I think a lengthy and in depth response will greatly improve discussion about balance between classes in pve and pvp. a response will also serve as a great introduction to the sniper forums and provide fast and dev approved responses to posts demanding nerfs for class defining concepts.

additionally responses on pvp vs pve set bonuses, if target dies when SoS is being channeled it does not proc FT, raid utility (can we get an ability to direct threat onto a tank), armor appearance (lets limit the number of antennas, headlights, giant flashing lights on the sniper rifle, ect) would love to see an art contest for new armor appearance.
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