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Ok check out the front page. I think that is going to be the job of the class rep.. Compile questions, have everyone vote on 3 questions to be directed to Combat Team.

Before submission day comes, everyone has to "vote" and pick which PVE, PVP, and 1 other question they'd like a yellow poster to comment on.

Voting can be messy on the forums.... but we can easily do it by posting something like is:
I vote for these:
Angels #3
Paowee #2
Bambula #1
Blue is a pve question, red is a pvp question, orange can relate to both. Anyone can submit their own pve and pvp questions. But in the end of the day the 3 questions to be submitted to the combat team should be something they can answer AND be: 1 PVP question, 1 PVE question, and 1 other..

I think this Class rep is really more of just a job instead of any sort of super power forum warrior representative. I for example, would not look forward to compiling questions from 100 people, each having at most 3 questions, and them trying to get everybody to vote on which 3 questions they want to submit, and those 3 questions have to include at least 1 pve and 1 pvp related question. And you have to manually count it as well.

=_= lol.
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