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Don't need nerfs, and we need more hardmodes.
new tank was concerned with my gear, but everything went smoothly, he pulled according to my resources, and it was tough, but we didn't wipe.
Play smart, don't just face roll and you'll be fine,I doubt my sorc would have done as well if healing wasn't 95% of what I do in the game. But the stuff isn't too hard.
I also think we need new 55 fps and not a rehash of old fps. As lowbies, we've leveled thru them before and to make 55s grind them indicates dev laziness.
My hardest time healing is when the team seems to muscle through it like it was a 50 HM FP. No CCs, run into a mob at 50% hp, no time to recover energy, etc. My guess is that some players got used to steamrolling 50 HMs and go into a 55 HM with an overconfident mindset. Worst part is, if the team wipes, the tank or the healer gets the blame.