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There are two parts to your post I want to hit, first bugs being reported and not fixed. Amber could come into this thread and attest to just how vigilant we are about tracking bugs and passing them on to the development team. In fact, that is a large part of Amber's job on the team! Unfortunately, just passing a bug onto the dev folks doesn't guarantee it suddenly gets fixed. The devs have to juggle developing future content, all bug fixes, and many other tasks. Sometimes that one bug may just be a lower priority than something else that is being worked on, and this includes coming from PTS.
If a new bug that is introduced in the new Update is found on the Public Test Server, then it must be fixed before the update goes live, even if it means postponing the update live date. Fixing bugs that are found during testing before the update goes live should be top priority. That's what testing is for, after all. I know TOR has never handled it that way, but that's also one of the biggest issues that causes severe bugs that were reported during testing to go live (yes, it's been that way since beta). It needs to change. Take your time, make sure that your live updates are of the best possible quality, which means as bug free as possible.