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Quote: Originally Posted by AlrikFassbauer View Post
Consolidating too many minor fixes into one thing lets the whole thing appear as if there had not been done much work at all. The image of "laziness" is created. simply, because few fixes are listed at all.
So, I'm holding the opinion that *some* "unnoticed fixed" imho *do* need to be shown and explained ...

I agree about consolidating too many fixes, and that's why we take it on a patch by patch basis. Some patches may list out more than others, or we may include multiple notes of consolidation around different areas to ensure that the work done is given credit.

Also, we try to ensure that only fixes are lumped, and things that are merely changed are noted (like the note about Kira's Focus Pants in the last patch). For things like your example, there's always a chance that a note was missed, rather than something that was consolidated. Removal of an NPC, for instance, is not something that is the same as what I gave for examples of "minor". Unfortunately, that happens sometimes in the writing process, and we do our best to catch it when it does and add the notes in where appropriate. If you notice something of this nature, feel free to report it via /bug and then here on the forums so we can look into why something changed without a patch note; it could have been unintentional and actually a bug!
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