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Ditto what Pistols said.

Example: Why did it take 8+ weeks to stop giving PUB Faction an extra 8 UC's for weeklies? I know that is petty, but come on guys EIGHT WEEKS?

Example: Consumable bug that was fixed 24 hours after CM came online. (You know the one for clicking during cast to get free consumable that was around for MONTHS before CM). That was INSTANT Fix, but 8 weeks for free comms for a single faction? (Don't get me started about HK in Foundry - still bugged)

Example: Kephess (EC) Fight. Killing Transdoshians too quickly results in a penalty that a Bomber doesn't come out and you go straight to the droids after standing around waiting. REALLY? Penalty for killing TOO quickly? Granted this is "Old" content for many for still folks do this content and titles are now fixed as well (Again).

I think the concept here is great, but we should be able to ADD a score sheet to see HOW BW is doing. IE: We pick our TOP THREE items and then TRACK them. One gets resolve then it's moved to a "Completed" thread. Like topic #1 resolved in 2.3.1 - Moved to completed and a the top three is updated. I guess we could get fancy and assign "Value" to how well it was completed.
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