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From my perspective each class has positives and negatives. My favorite class in terms of story and theme is Trooper, but I dislike the way it actually was put together in terms of powers and abilities. Jedi Guardian is also a lot of fun, but has some other irritating design decisions (some of your most important abilities involve glowing in ridiculous fashion) as well as some fugly end game gear (and most of the cartel market gear isn't pretty for it either.)

Imperial Agent I love mechanically, but the story ties my stomach in knots and I never feel 'right' playing one. Sith Marauder and Jedi Sentinel are both boatloads of fun at least at the lower levels, but like the Guardian have some fugly gear choices and now the weird DBZ flaming effect when they've built up enough stacks of their inherent buff.

I haven't played the others far enough to judge; but from my experience every class has things I love about them and things that drive me nuts about them, and so it's impossible for me to say "This class is best for me."