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Another question i have about the set-bonuses.......

Q: 2-pc PVE and 2-pc PVP is "BIS" for Marksman, Engineering and Hybrid. 4-pc PVE is a "requirement" for Lethality. Is this intended--- are the set bonus on the list of things to look at or will we continue to raid with gimped main stat on armorings to get the most DPS for 3 out of our 4 raid specs?

Even in KD gear:

Some math made by guildie sniper Roovin (others can do their own math to prove or disprove this)
Summary: So the difference here was 261 cunning. I realize that my method is nowhere near perfect; however, I think it gives a fairly good indication that the 2 piece PvP is going to be worth it for many more tiers of gear in the future.

Other math:
[insert KBN here ]
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