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[LIST][*]Need PvE and PvP reps! - Like I said, this may be something we consider but since this whole idea is a new concept, I want to let it grow naturally. Let's see how the first round goes before we start expecting we will need to setup predetermined rules. I can assure you that we will recommend to the Reps, once chosen, that they try to make sure their questions are diverse across playstyle and spec. Also, it will be really obvious to us if they aren't!
Why did you ignore RP again?
Roleplay is an important playstyle in a Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game, and you people just keep ignoring it! Various classes have issues in roleplay as well, like their animations of rest abilities not lasting long enough to be viable for roleplay, lightsabers shutting off during RP combat, some skills and their overblown particle effects posing problems with immersion in an RP enviroment and more.
Yes, it may be nitpicking, but no mention of roleplay even though there were concerns about it is just very disheartening. I guess as a loyal subscriber from day one (plus early access), beta tester, etc. I should be used to it by now, since RP features like chat bubbles, sitting in chairs, etc. are still missing from the game despite having been promised over and over again to be in soon since launch. Still I'm just a very disappointed roleplayer, as our issues and wants always seem to be put on the backburner for virtually anything else. I've always been hopeful that things will change and that you will finally give us some love (that doesn't involve us having to be milked real money via cartel coins as the Appearance Designer kiosk does).