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I just got 2 pocket sarlacc and I put the first one on one of my action bars, to use it frequently, then I got the second one and when I looked at it it was bound WITHOUT clicking on it all. No bind timer either. Has anyone experienced this bug/glitch. Is it intended? I can't imagine they would make it auto bind and not be able to sell it on GTN or trade it. Any/all responses would be much appreciated, but I'd like to hear from an employee.

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Hello there folks,

We're investigating an issue where some items may bind if they are in your inventory while you use/bind another item of the same type. We were able to resolve some instances of this, but based on your reports, there are clearly still instances of it happening.

We're sorry for the inconvenience and will follow up in this thread when there's more information available!
I do not understand. Are you fix something? So we can get our items back?
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