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07.11.2013 , 09:36 AM | #10
One of my big concerns for this tier of progression actually centers on the roll. Snipers and gunslingers get very limited defensive cooldowns, namely dodge (only works on limited attacks), a personal shield which absorbs a moderate amount of damage, and the long-cooldown raid-wide 30% DR shield (our primary raid utility which many groups save for scripted times, and is generally unavailable to use as a personal cooldown). With large spikes of damage becoming more common in NiM raids, especially TFB Kephess' jump, and to a lesser extent the grenades on titan 6, I sometimes get killed from full HP through the one reliable short-cooldown defensive CD I have, and have to figure out ways to avoid the damage using covered escape or a sage MUST bubble me to avoid me dying. If avoiding damage from a mechanic by rolling isn't intended and is due to be fixed, snipers and gunslingers will sometimes just get oneshot on fights without external cooldowns (i.e. a sage/sorc shield or a guardian/jugg tank AoE taunt). If it is intended, it should be a little more forgiving on the timing required, as the current dodge-roll has a very short window where it will successfully negate damage.

My question is, is this a bug that will be fixed (will gunslingers and snipers be reliant on having other classes in the raid to live through certain mechanics)? Or is it intended that such a difficult to use mechanic as rolling exactly 0.5-0.7 seconds before getting hit is a defensive cooldown we should master, making it the hardest defensive cooldown to use in the game?