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07.11.2013 , 09:05 AM | #8
Did you put in your bar the sarlacc that appears as the first one or the second one in your inventory ?
Because if it's the second, you have to now that the game always tries to use the first one/stack when you have multiple samples/stacks of the same kind of object. So if you left the unbound one in the "first" place in your inventory, when using the quickbar, ywithout knowing it you used the first, aka the unbound one and bound it.

You can easily see that when you have more than 20 medpacks. For the exemple, let's say you have 25 medpacks, they'll show as a stack of 20 and one stack of 5. Usually you'll sort them so that you put the 20-stack before the 5-stack. If you use some of them when levelling, let's say you used 3 of them (assuming you didn't loot any back) the first stack will contain 17 medpacks and the second 5 medpacks.