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Now that I have read through this, it concerns me. In effect, the representative is just a secretary that compiles the top 3 questions. The rep provides no feedback and there is no two way street for making a class better. The rep's "job" is the same of the Bioware Employee's that are supposed to be monitoring the forums and communicating with the Dev team.

here I originally liked this concept (at least the one I had assumed) I am now very concerned about this one. It leads me to questions about how much of the feedback we post during PTS was really relayed? Are bugs still in this game because no one on the Dev team knows (Even though we post about it)?

If the people who have the jobs of interacting and relaying information from the Community to the Dev team are not doing that job, why are they not being fired? Why does the community have to do their job for free? If they are too busy, why are more not hired? Why are we picking up the tab for free?
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