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Good morning folks!

Just to try to hit some of the concerns you are having about the Class Reps...
  • Need PvE and PvP reps! - Like I said, this may be something we consider but since this whole idea is a new concept, I want to let it grow naturally. Let's see how the first round goes before we start expecting we will need to setup predetermined rules. I can assure you that we will recommend to the Reps, once chosen, that they try to make sure their questions are diverse across playstyle and spec. Also, it will be really obvious to us if they aren't!
  • Mirrored AC Representatives - The way it will work is that once the Reps are chosen, one of the mirrors will act as the Rep the first time and then it will rotate. For example, the Gunslinger Rep will submit the top 3 for July, the Sniper will then be the new Rep and will submit the next round of Top 3 in August or September.
  • Why only Top 3? It should be 4 or 5! - Our original incarnation of the idea was actually a top 5. In talking with the Combat guys, they plan to put some serious work into these answers whenever possible. This could include design philosophy and math. Because of this, we decided we would rather have 3 really good answers than 5 less good ones.

Just keep this in mind. The goal of this is simply to help create a dialog and interaction between the studio and the forums concerns about classes, class balance, etc. This is just a fun way to create the conversation and is something new we are trying. I wouldn't go too crazy stressing over unknowns as they are just that, unknown! We will absolutely make adjustments to how this works should we see that it is needed.

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