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07.11.2013 , 08:08 AM | #101
Bioware has caved to a couple of posters with big mouths and even bigger opinions of themselves here on the forums. They throw hissy-fits, stomp their feet, and threaten to quit until they get their way. Then they're all smiles. My 18-month old niece is more mature than some of those being nominated as class representatives.

But here's the real issue that Bioware itself has pointed out in the past: only about 5% of the community uses the forums. So first off, since it was announced on the forums, only about 5% of the population may have seen it. They may inform some of their guildies in game and what-not by word-of-mouth, but at least everyone in the real world knows when election day is coming because all registered voters (anyone with a non-FTP account in this situation) are provided with notice.

Elections in the US and other countries are far from perfect, but imagine if your representative was elected with not even 5% voter turnout and received votes from 1-2% of the entire eligible voting population? Do they really represent us? The answer is no. Bioware is allowing a fraction of the community to select individuals that will conspire and act in concert to control discussion on classes that EVERYONE plays. Bioware has not made the decision to empower the players to have their voices heard, Instead, the sham elections will net us an oligarchy of the biggest complainers. Shame on you Bioware, and Eric Musco for not only letting this happen, but encouraging it. Maybe I should throw a tantrum until I get my way. I quit.

This is what the real community really asks of you:
Grow some balls. No really. Be prepared to actively defend your product and your game decisions, including class balance. We don't expect an answer to every question and a tweak to every class based on forum posts.

I do believe that you (Eric) and your community team go through the forums well and your level of responsiveness to the community has greatly improved over time (it's not perfect but it's getting better). I do believe that you, your team, and the development team have the ability to recognize the big issues from the small.

When players encounter real problems in game, especially with class balance, they tend to hit the forums. That is your cue. Find the large problems, address them. We're not asking you to make changes because of these large issues every time, simply explain to the community some of the reasoning behind the decision. We (the reasonable community) understand that the development team does not act arbitrarily. Let the discussion ensue. There will always be a few whiners, have the balls to face them, rather than hand them the keys.

We do not need the oligarchic middle men that you have proposed. The whole community has access through the forums. We should not have individual community members hijacking the process and deciding what questions get answered. That is Bioware's job and and it's time to step up to the plate and engage the community at large.

Long live the Resistance!