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^^ this

As a diehard vanguard tank I want to see the AC excel and not relapse into 1.7 era where it was assault or don't come. Of course I newest and the dps consterns currently and find them justified. A vanguard Rep might have a similar focus or be dps focused at the expense of the tank VG community. Finding one plaer who can represent both equally will be very hard.
Its going to be hard to find someone like this. My guildies call me a Jackofalltrades cause I play 19 characters. If you wanted someone to tell you how well they all function compared to each other I could but because I play so many classes I wouldn't be deep in knowledge for one specific role, which it sounds like they want. Once you find someone who is that deep into a class then you begin to see a singular focus.

From my time playing I have learned that while the mirrors appear the same on paper they play out very differently which I attribute to the imperial mirrors having better synergy with their skills. While I think this format is too vague to accomplish what people want I am hoping it will be successful enough to warrant expanding to the point where it will begin to succeed.
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