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Being that my first and (until recently) only character was a jedi guardian, I was actually the one trying to dps rush since every FP I went into was green since I or..*We outleveled it!* all the way to 55, though sometimes dps would do a better job of that, as a tank, I welcomed it.
we're talking about normal modes here, if I go into a FP and I'm 6 levels above every single mob who can barley touch me, why should I as a tank or anyone for that matter who can get hit and not take damage have to wait on others? If my dps was better as a tank (not to mention having alittle more ranged utility) I'd be the one rushing the group, if a dps who is also 53 or w.e. in a FP with 47lvl max mobs, go ahead.
Hard mode? no, I remember when heroics first came out in wow, I remember trying to solo the lowest instance at max level hoping for more money and very little extra challenge and got destroyed, and I'm 99% certain it follows the same rules here. I never bothered to attempt them in that game and I won't for this one either, Mobs should never have that kind of power under any circumstance,
I'll stick with endgame pvp thanks.
Im sorry, but whould you try to explain me - since which patch dps becomes better than tank?
If there's wont be a healer, your *** will be squished, burned and thorn a part.
Thats not an insult. Its just a reminder about YOUR role.