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If we were to list out every fix of this nature, it would make the overall Patch Notes exceptionally long and unwieldy (both to write and read!).
I partially agree ( translations ! ) and I partially disagree :

Consolidating too many minor fixes into one thing lets the whole thing appear as if there had not been done much work at all. The image of "laziness" is created. simply, because few fixes are listed at all.

In my opinion, it would be far better to list as many fixes as posible. Why ? Because of the simple reasons :

- both transparency
- and let the players actually see that work is done.

I have found in a few times things and places I just could not understand. What has happened there I just couldn't understand it. And no-one was able to give me an answer for that.

My "worst" example was the PvP area on Tatooine :

- 2 traders have been removed (never mentioned in any patch notes !)
- in the place of 1 tader there is (or rather . was, when I was there for the last time) a droid lying on the ground which seemingly could be clicked on, but there never happened any thing.

No-one was able to explain to me what had happened there.

So, I'm holding the opinion that *some* "unnoticed fixed" imho *do* need to be shown and explained ...