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And then healer starts raging at me for not guarding him - im like "guard had nothing to do with it we just messed up, ur a healer, and worst geared char in this group - u barely do any aggro and i prefer to have guard on sniper" , to which he replies that im noob and he does biggest aggro 2nd only to tanks.
I used to be a bit like that when I started Healing FP's, without the arguing (and name-calling) though, until a kind tank told me how guard works , now, everytime I'm not the highest lvled and geared player (AKA: almost always) and the tank puts his guard on me, I respond by right-clicking the buff en telling the tank to put it one of the dps's and if they give me the guard again? I just remove it again, until they get the message and put it on one of the dps's
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