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Few days ago i pugged into a HM Hammer Station as a powertech tank - we had a nicely geared sniper, a mediocre sentinel and (judging by hp - about 24k) a newish Merc healer.

Ive guarded sniper so that i have no issues with his dps, and went on. We came to the first part with 2 golds, 2 silvers and few normal mobs (the first big pack of droids), i marked 2 droids and asked for cc, party agreed to cc them so i jump on. As to be expected it was quite a mess - sentinel broke cc's and died short after, i did my best to taunt and regain aggro but failed as every1 was attackin other stuff and we wiped.
And then healer starts raging at me for not guarding him - im like "guard had nothing to do with it we just messed up, ur a healer, and worst geared char in this group - u barely do any aggro and i prefer to have guard on sniper" , to which he replies that im noob and he does biggest aggro 2nd only to tanks - we start argueing as we go on as i really hate ppl that tell me how to do my job especially in a rude way...

We come to the first boss (droid with stacking laser debuff) and the first laser beam got stacked up to 10 - i shout for cleanse, healer replies with "GUARD!", luckily he got over himself and started cleansing afterwards so we killed boss easily.

After that healer starts crying again that he has no guard and if he dies he leaves.
I stop and say - "if you ever start stealing aggro from me, even for a second then i'll give you a guard".

We go on, and i did my very fking best not to lose aggro on a single mob in the flashpoint - hammer station mobs are extremely easy so its a no issue anyway (i think 1 normal droid managed to shoot the healer *once* the entire run, and maybe he got 1-2 hits from the boss ads at last boss, his hp never dropped below 90% ). Bonus boss was quite harsh as the healer was quite undergeared but we made it on first try.

We downed last boss without problems and im asking the healer "How's your aggro? You stole the sheet out of me without that guard, eh?"

He remains silent for 10-15 seconds and the says something like "It was the hardest FP i've ever been, i almost died few times". I sigh, and type /ignore.

Thats one of the reasons there aren't that many tanks pugging - we usually are blamed for everything. There are many others, but i personally dont usually have problems with trigger-happy derp dps's - im geared and skilled enough to handle almost anything any HM flashpoint can throw at me if i get some heals. What i do have problems with is rude, all-knowing players who hate on all other teammembers for not doing stuff the way they like.
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