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I nominate Debs of PoT5 (Mrklove on forum). Debs plays multiple roles: main Tank in PvE (current progression is HM TFB 5/5, HM S&V 7/7, NiM TFB 1/5). PvP: Both focus and vigilance specs played and played defense pre-2.0. Also plays a PvE Vengeance spec on his Jugg. He also has experience with his sentinel in both PvP/PvE. Debs has played since the start, is in a professionally organized guild via TAW and has great relations with the who's who of ex Fatman and current PoT5 guilds and players. In addition TAW is home to a great deal of healthy debate on specs, min/max, theory crafting that share congruence to the questions of the day. Active on most major swtor sites.
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