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From the Vanguard side of things here are the people I feel have not only got an excellent grasp of the class but some of the issues we face (in no particular order):

mfourcustom (when he is not telling people to roll a sniper :P)
=p I have my good days with Vg/PT and bad days with it and i know sometimes i get WAAAY outta hand its just my frustration gets the best of me from time to time. I love the vg/pt class played since launch and it would be an honor to represent the class i even made this goofy video talking about the class and the nerfs. (i'll link below) but either way i just hope someone that understands the class and what needs to be done with the class gets it, not these random people that are more worried about what our blaster rifles and armor looks like Thanks to those that picked me so far though lol means alot.

On a side note i've pvped and done pve on my vanguard as both tank and dps most people think i am only a pvp player.
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