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Couple things for concealment operative that definitely needs to be addressed:

1. Defensive CD's. We have none. Our probe can take one decent hit (not even a full smash) and then it's game over. Besides Middle tree Juggs, we also are lacking in an AOE reduction talent that a melee character absolutely has to have in order to survive in the current meta.

2. Our reliance on stealth to do our main hardest hitting attack needs to be addressed. Either Hidden Strike needs to go back to an auto crit or the amount of time and how we go back into stealth needs to change. Even if we down our target a single dot/herp-derp AOE/even a taunt will keep us from re-entering unless we blow our 1.5 minute combat cloak which shouldn't have to be done. A direct attack from an enemy should be the only reason why we can't re-enter stealth OR Hidden Strike needs to be usable outside of stealth (of course without the knockdown ability if used outside of stealth).

3. Energy management is still meh especially if caught in a protracted fight. The loss of our self heal through the re-vamping of stim boost is actually quite missed. Sorry but the useless talent to still have the small rolling HoT every 2 minutes is just a waste of talent points. Some sort of finisher added to our talents would go a long way because at this point we have to save explosive probe to help get that last 30% off a target, and if they survive we are definitely SOL and running real low on energy by that time. Maybe revamp Hidden Strike to also count as our execute ability on a low health enemy (thus actually making it usable outside of stealth) would give us the tools we need to finally be somewhat competent in a more competitive setting because our inability to finish a target absolutely kills us.

4. 30% surge talent for sever tendon? Really? Please replace this with either backstab/shiv/lacerate and possibly lower the damage if it makes them become too hard hitting with the talent.

5. Our PvP set bonus is garbage. Please give us the PvE bonus of 15% extra crit chance on backstab, it's an absolute necessity for PvP. I don't care which we get rid of, the increase in dodge (for 1 sec which is laughable) or the extra 5 energy which is also negligible at best.

These are just some of the things I would like to see addressed for concealment and I'm sure some of my fellow op's will have good if not better ideas to add.
PVE's actually got changed to 15% chance on shiv which hurts even more. But yeah, I fully agree with you on pretty much all of that.

Speaking of PVE, I want to toss out the well known and dreaded "Stealth detect". I expressed this in another thread, but for sake of combining things here Concealment is unable to fight a lot of bosses. It relies on hidden strike and so many bosses have a 30m stealth detect so that not only is the Operative kicked out of stealth, but he pulls and pisses off the tank. Fights thus require the Operative to not go in stealth (costing hidden strike) OR require them to start 30m away and run into combat.