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I think the most important aspect is being missed by a few peeps here. This is about helping to streamline communication, and at present only starting with advanced classes, which IMO is something this game needs badly. While I understand classes tend to function somewhat differently in PvP than PvE, this is where said individual chosen for the role, will need to gather all concerns and then present it.

I'm going to assume most "class issues" will be centered on abilities, bugs, etc, and how they perform in their respective environments, so if it's important too others I'm sure it will be relayed by whomever is chosen. This can be a very invaluable tool, and one I hope the team builds on, because like everyone we all want to help make the game better and feel like our issues (no matter what we do in game) are being addessed.

Hopefully as a community we can see this flourish, as I think we all would benefit from this.
Friendly reminder bump, for those blowing things out of proportion.

Also, this isn't SWG, and it's more of a Q/A session regarding classes so please leave it at that.

I see no reason why TOR can't have at least a CHANCE at trying something like this; And FFS read how they're implementing it folks, it is NOTHING like how SWG Senators/Developers did their thing. Thank you.