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07.10.2013 , 09:27 PM | #84
This is a horrible idea. Class representatives just end up being popularity contests for Forum Warriors. This has been a disaster in most every other game that implemented them. You end up with people focused on the 1 thing they care about most, like PvP or PvE and they are detrimental to the class balance for years. EQ's Ranger representative didn't even participate in raiding. He complained about how hard it was to survive as a low level Ranger. As a result, they buffed Rangers at lower levels and end game Rangers fell behind in DPS output compared to other DPS classes. He also played his Ranger as an archer and not a melee, which was the better method.

Same thing will happen here. Class representatives will only focus on a particular tree or play style like PvP vs PvE. Either split the representatives based on play styles, or elect a group per class.