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This is a terrible idea.

I am speaking from experience, having been both the Star Wars: Galaxies Medic and Doctor forum correspondent for well over a year when that program was running.

In short, all this does is make it appear that developers are communicating to players, when in fact they are doing no such thing. To cite an example, I spoke to a developer once in my time as correspondent. Twice if you count Gordon Walton, who wasn't a developer, but more of a [censored].

The only time I got to talk to a developer was after the game closed down, where I spoke to Dan Rubenfield about his role in the NGE debacle.

You all know we don't get enough feedback from devs about our questions, creating representatives does nothing to increase that communication. They already know about our questions as stated in the intial post and could easily answer them (and to be fair, sometimes do) if they really wanted.
I like the idea of this program but realistically it remains to be seen if it yields any tangible benefits beyond a brief PR boost and giving forum goers as sense of involvement.