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I know he has similar views on PvP mercs/mandos as I do.

The PvE merc guys I think only really know Arsenal/Bodyguard well enough. Frankly that leaves 1/3rd of the merc trees left to be wondered about. Don't see many Pyro raid guides or discussions. So if you campaign on behalf of Pyro mercs, you''ll have my vote =P

We need a purebred mandolorian, not FOTM rerollers. Someone that Merc PvP'd from 1.2 till now.
I've had my Merc since early access, and PvP'ed with him through thick and thin. In the previous guild I was in, I got close to the GM who was a merc, and the two of us were probably among the best PvP mercs on the Bastion. Good times with that player

But anyways, its too bad this popped up so soon. I mean, its great for the community, but I've been working on a Merc PvP guide as of late, but I'm not completely happy with it, so I'm still refining it. Bioware said representatives have "terms", so maybe by the next voting, I'll have my guide out, and I'll have a chance in the running!

On to my vote. I vote for Cash (Cashogy_reborn). I agree with almost all of his views on Merc PvP.
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