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07.10.2013 , 09:18 PM | #16
Someone who doesn't have a well rounded play of the class is a terrible representative, but then again, class representatives are also a terrible idea. Most players are insular and only focus on the areas that matter most to them. As an example, when EverQuest tried this it failed horribly. The Ranger class representative never had a character that participated in raids. He spent most of his time crying about hard it was for casuals to get good gear or solo.

If you pick someone, please let it be someone who actually actively participates in end game PvE and rated PvP. Not someone who only plays part of the game, and would rely on others to bring ideas forward. I can't support someone who hasn't been raiding Nightmare TFB/SV or hasn't been actively participating in rated PvP. Relying on someone to represent the class as whole will never work. Just shoot for someone who would cover a majority of the player base that matters.

Or a better idea, elect a PvP and a PvE representative.