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Adrenals/relics are shared by all tank classes. That's not what this thread is pointing to which is an additional mechanic.

If you have a bubble on you and it absorbs any damage the combat text will show absorb even if the damage exceeds the amount the bubble would absorb. You can verify this by going back in your log and seeing the damage you actually took.

1) You had the 4 pc set bonus and had a 1/50 chance of resisting and thus took no damage.

2) You were on SM as stated above and it actually shouldn't kill you anyways. Between your bubble and whatever damage was inc vs inc heals you looked like you took little damage.


PT/VG currently has the least oh **** abilities and it shows in the new NiM modes especially. A F/T would be appreciated but any form of damage mitigation be it personal, or raid would go a long way.
No, I know how the game works and yes, I absorbed the attack completely, I don't have a log (actually I do but don't feel like seaching all my logs to find which one it is) but its just simple math, if I get a peak ~72 absorb rating, then add dmg reduction, then add the sorc bubble (which is barely needed) and you'll see how it gets up to 100%, problem is shield chance only goes up to ~50% so half chance to fully absorb and half to get you *** kicked. And all that is not counting the adrenals.

My point is, adrenals and relics can have their effectiveness even higher in a pt because of stupid high mitigation and low spikiness so they can be better cds for them than they are for, say, shadows. Not saying they don't need another cd but I really don't think that they need a very powerful cd like saber reflect. You don't need to negate completely an attack type every 2mins to do content properly in a pt (hell, you probably don't even need it on juggs).

I sincerely would like to see a cd like oil slick that gives a nice but not incredible mitigation for a reasonable time and a nice uptime so we can improve mean mitigation instead of a new powerful oh crap skill, and if it was an oh crap skill it should be very short with a long cd (something with a 5 or 10 sec uptime and 2,5 mins for example)
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