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Thank you for the kind words, but please don't nominate me. I'm not planning on being very active in the game or on the forums any longer. And truth be told, my game time will be that of my Shadow and Assassin instead as Scoundrel dps in pvp in any spec is just sad.

Hopefully you'll nominate someone who is fitting for the AC as a whole, i.e. heals and dps alike. I'd personally nominate ktkenshinx or Wainamoinen as they know a lot of stuff regarding dps, mechanics, numbers, etc. Most scoundrels happen to heal, though, so that may be more beneficial to the AC as a whole. In that case, I'd back whoever said Inovisible, that guy is a beast.

Which is why I nominated you Randiesal, because Concealment/Scrapper hasn't been a viable spec in PvP for so long, and could use some love in PVE as well. I'm actually an Agent, but any love given to the Scrapper will transfer over to Concealment. That being said, I am sorry to hear you aren't interested, and wish you luck.