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Quote: Originally Posted by psandak View Post
While true, I disagree that your (or anyone's) new system would encourage F2P players to craft.

There are two flaws in your assessment:

#1 You are assuming that F2P players do not craft because the system is the way it is. The flaw in that assumption is that (as you point out), by default, a F2P character only has one crew skill slot. No amount of crafting system reform will result in more F2P players wanting unlock crew skill slots to engage in crafting. You may think it will, but there is no guarantee it will happen.

#2 You are assuming that F2P players are more dedicated to the game than they probably are. Working any sort of crafting system in an MMO takes some dedication. Given the fact that they are F2P and not subscribing, the exact opposite assumption is probably more accurate - that most F2P players are of the more casual variety and therefore probably would not want to dedicate time to crafting no matter how epically awesome the crafting system is/was. Basically even if BW opened up three crew skill slots to all F2P accounts tomorrow chances are that most of those accounts would have characters with three gathering/mission skills rather than one crafting and two others.
I am not assuming anything. I am suggesting that if there was inscentive to craft more people would want to. Not that f2p is winall looseall in this suggestion, but they are the probable candidates.

Yes a f2p is likely a casual player or even a fan of SW and just wants to see what the game is all about. So what would make that f2p player subscribe? The cartel market? PvP? PvE? Crafting? Space missions? Character creation? Anything can sway opinions.

I as a "tester" would look for the insentive to buying the product. F2P have access to 1 skill. But they see cool items they could make if they took this crafting skill. That may be the inscentive they needed to subscribe maybe not.

I simply used the F2P crowd as a demonstration of potential market. I also argue that "No amount of crafting system reform will result in more F2P players wanting unlock crew skill slots to engage in crafting." Like you assuming I assumed F2P was the ONLY market here you are assuming that "NO" system "WILL" result in more F2P wanting to craft. How can you prove this? I've seen plenty of games revamp or improve their crafting system and draw in more attention so its possible it COULD happen here.

This is probably one of the esiest crafting systems for the F2P community because they can queue and forget it until they log in next time and wow all done, they don't have to wait to complete the product.

So while I appreciate your input on the matter I would appreciate more if you would not assume I was making assumptions, after all, when you assume you make an *** out of U and ME....ASSuME!
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