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Let me start To be honest this has been a lingering question / cliff-hanger on my mind since starting HM SnV on the PTS.

I am coming from these viewpoints:
  • X/X/36 Lethality is less DPS compared to Marksmanship and Hybrid, single target on the training dummy.
  • I understand they can hit multiple targets with Corrosive Grenade which makes up 9-10% of their total damage done. This can result in "skewed" DPS numbers due to AoE DoT damage that is only going to get healed to full when e.g. a boss dies (DG Council, Cartel WL)
  • Lethality / Engineering, is a hybrid spec similar to full lethality, is more popular in raids (basing on torparse only..) and is doing more DPS.
  • A full tree imo, if possible at all, should be buffed to make it more appealing than it's Hybrid counterpart
  • The only way to make Lethality do its highest potential DPS is if the player utilizes Corrosive Mines (roll). This will make the Lethality playstyle (if one ever chooses to play it that way), similar to Engineering snipers who use Roll every ~20 seconds.
  • EVEN then, Lethality is still behind its Hybrid counterpart in single target DPS.
  • In PVE min-maxers (see Leaderboards and snipers/slingers in pve ranking threads) mostly play Hybrid.

The actual question: There seems to be an DPS imbalance between 3/18/23 lethality/engineering and X/X/36 full lethality. Is this working as intended?

Paraphrased: A specific hybrid spec appears to be quite popular at current due to higher dps. In your play tests, do you have any numbers that support this theory in comparison to numbers for full lethality snipers?)
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