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Saw Paowee do this and figured it'd be good for the board since we have so few. Regardless of who gets the Class Representative they are going to need a thread for people to give their opinions and list their complaints. Why not get started now?

Operative boards are rather slow so let's see what people want now rather than be short questions when it matters.

I'll try and edit in people's questions when they're posted. This are things people have posted regardless of my personal opinions and if I agree/disagree with them. Due to nature of posts and to add votes I'll be shortening them.

-STEALTH DETECT: It destroys Concealment and leaves them unable to hidden strike. MiralukaJedi
-DOTS: For Lethality it is tricky to distinguish your dots from somebody elses. In addition two or more lethality hinder each other by sucking up weakening blasts that could be used for Cull. In addition, Operative's DoTs make CC difficult since they can only talent to not break their own CC. Gearedmonkey
-BACKSTAB: For weird mobs or orbs it can be hard to tell what part is the back. 360 backstab or a marker would be nice. Carlenux

-DEFENSIVE ABILITIES: Lack of defensive cooldowns. Lack of an AoE reduction talent. Azarai Syberduh

-HIDDEN STRIKE: Concealment heavily relies on hidden strike, but it can only be used every 90secs max. If detected or knocked out of stealth, the talent is useless. Azarai
===(Suggested changes: Give Hidden Strike a 100% crit chance or allow it to be used out of stealth or give Operatives more ways to enter stealth)

-ENERGY/PROLONGED COMBAT: Concealment still suffers a few energy issues and lacks the tools to finish off a target. In order to kill their opponent, Concealment has to blow all its energy. Azarai

-SEVER TENDON: Why is there a 30% damage increase to Sever Tendon? Is that a joke? Azarai

-PVP SET BONUS: 1 second dodge and 5 energy are not helpful. Increased critical chance on backstab like the PVE would be nice. Azarai

This post contains a bunch of compiled issues from various people in another thread.