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Obsidian Entertainment would love to do Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 3 in any fashion, according to lead writer Chris Avellone.

How do you think KotOR 3 would work, would it replace The Old Republic: Revan and re-tell the story in a very expanded tone or would it be based on something entirely different?
Avellone already answered it partially few years back. The Sith Empire was supposed to be creating Force Wounds in the galaxy to "conquer the Republic without firing a shot". Don't have link to the interview but uncle Google will surely remember. Of course, this plot is no longer on the table. That was Obbsidian's idea, there was also KOTOR 3 in development internally at LucasArts in like 2004, got cancelled. Dunno if it used Obsidian's plot.

EDIT: Found it:
Question: For years, KOTOR fans were speculating who, or perhaps what the ‘True Sith’, mentioned by Kreia at the end of “The Sith Lords”, were. In ‘The Old Republic’ MMO, BioWare made them be the survivors of Naga Sadow’s Empire from the Great Hyperspace War.
My question is who/what the ‘True Sith’ were in your concept? Descendants of King Adas’s ancient Sith Empire? A completly unknown and separate gropu of the Dark Side of the Force users? Or perhaps the ‘True Sith’ was not suppoused to be an organization, but rather an idea?

Answer: They were survivors of Naga Sadow’s empire. Much like the Shadows in Babylon 5, they were orchestrating the collapse of the Republic from behind the scenes, interfering with key events to cause echoes through the Force and leave it ripe for invasion – hopefully without a shot even being fired. In essence, they were changing the shape of the galaxy through manipulation of specific people and conflicts, much like Sidious did, but on an even larger scale than Episode 1 through 3.

The idea was that in Knights of the Old Republic II, Revan slowly became aware of this underlying threat (because Revan is a tactical ******) and went off to seek out the true source of the threat to the galaxy. This was why he was trying to keep the Old Republic infrastructure intact so he could use it against the Sith. Anyway. Fairy tales and legends and what might have been, but that was the intent, yes.