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One suggestion, change the format from 3 questions and 3 responses to actual discourse. I think there's a big difference between
Rep: There's an issue with shadow tanks..
Dev: our metrics say otherwise


Rep: There's an issue with shadow tank.
Dev: our metrics say otherwise
Rep: Shadow tanks are experiencing something different
Dev: What are they experiencing?

I think an actual discourse would require more but would also be more useful for both parties. Give them a stickied thread to discuss the issues, just devs and rep, it would let the devs express their standpoint without being mobbed by the foaming-at-the-mouth populace that is gamers.
Yes, something along this line. This should not be an interview, but rather a discussion. We are not journalists asking how you plan to make the world a better place, we are concerned citizens that actually want to live in a better world. Communication only works if there is dialog in both directions, not just a sounding board to bounce random thoughts off of (I have a wall that works quite well for that thank you!). *Insert some other appropriate analogy here*
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