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07.10.2013 , 05:30 PM | #44
just to add something.

i can actually pull this off. I'm experienced enough to be able to do so. i can move between a split up group and keep it alive - split because dps decided to rush it and ran too far ahead and then tank pulls something else and we're fighting in 2 spots now (which is what often happens with people who think they don't need to stick with a group and the group should just scramble after them). its much harder on my merc then it is on my sorc or operative (since merc doesn't get a handy speed burst), but I can still do it.

however. not everyone can. and that's ok. that's why general idea is that you STICK WITH THE GROUP. moreover. I know of some people who actually enjoy this. 1. I'm not one of them. 2. I don't assume that pug I just met is one of them.

you run with your friends and/or guild. you can do whatever you want within tolerance levels of your friends. you run with strangers - you FIND out what they can tolerate first, act second. because in the end - you are playing with real, breathing human beings and their wishes and preferences matter too.