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What Will They Do?
Upon the Class representatives being selected, we will release a schedule. On each scheduled date listed, the chosen representative for each Class will make a forum post in their Class forum with the top 3 things they want to have answered or commented on. Our current plan is to do 4 ACs each month with 2 ACs being able to propose questions every 2 weeks.

Up until the scheduled date, the repís job is to work to figure out what the top 3 issues or questions are for their Class. Once posted, we will begin working with the Combat Team to get an answer or comment to all 3 of those issues, regardless of what they are! Our goal is a one week turnaround from the time that you post the questions for us to get you an answer. I will stress now that our development schedule will take priority at all times, so if our Combat Team is unavailable due to development constraints, any of this schedule is subject to change.
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Hey guys, as a general rule, 1 PvP, 1 PvE, 1 whatever you want!

Original post
Thought the title would be catchy lol.

So in light of the community team's recent communication program, i think it's a good idea to take some initiative and start talking about any questions, comments, issues we have about our class now. Why wait? Don't procrastinate!

What's your question? We can have a PVE section and a PVP section. Topics can include anywhere from bugs, minor or major annoyances with class mechanics, "state of the class" in raids, flashpoints, end-game play, casual play, casual PVP, hardcore PVP, etc. Basically anything under the sun that you think the Combat Team can answer.
Ok check out the front page. I think that is going to be the job of the class rep.. Compile questions, have everyone vote on 3 questions to be directed to Combat Team.

Before submission day comes, everyone has to "vote" and pick which PVE, PVP, and 1 other question they'd like a yellow poster to comment on.

Voting can be messy on the forums.... but we can easily do it by posting something like is:
I vote for these:
Angels #3 <--- 1 PVE required
Bambula #1 <--- 1 PVP required
Paowee #2 <--- 1 other question of your choice
Blue is a pve question, red is a pvp question, orange can kind of relate to both. Anyone can submit their own pve and pvp questions. But in the end of the day the 3 questions to be submitted to the combat team should have 1 PVP question, 1 PVE question, and 1 other..

I think this Class rep is really more of just a job instead of any sort of super power forum warrior representative. I for example, would not look forward to compiling questions from 100 people, each having at most 3 questions, and then trying to get everybody to vote on which 3 questions they want to submit, and those 3 questions have to include at least 1 pve and 1 pvp related question---- and you have to manually count it as well. lol


  1. What is the concept behind the sniper in pvp and pve broken down by spec?
  2. Regarding: SoS -> target dies -> FT does not proc. Can this be fixed or do we just live with it?
  3. Armor appearance (lets limit the number of antennas, headlights, giant flashing lights on the sniper rifle, please) Is it on the works to have some form of art contest for new armor appearances?

  1. I loved the changes you made to the spec for 2.0 but is there chance it could receive some additional alterations to make it more viable for all end-game content, or was it your intention for it be more limited in its end-game execution compared to other specs?
  2. Was it your intention for Lethality to be more of a support DPS spec from the shadows rather than one who can stand up to direct combat like Marksmanship and Engineering Snipers?
  3. what's the deal with Covered Escape? Did you intend for it to be a main DPS ability for Engineering spec? Are you aware of and prepared to comment on the roll-in-place exploit? Did you intend for it to be used as a key defensive ability in end-game PvE?

  1. Is there any chance Explosive Probe can be triggered by DD attacks instead of any damage?

  1. Take Cover is still buggy. Is this going to be fixed or just something we have to live with?
  2. What's the reason behind keeping 4 pc PvP "sniper's" set bonus? I do not use it and all serious ppl i know who plays sniper uses 2 pc bonus from other set (for example + 1 sec to evasion from operative set).
  3. What's devs opinion on having cooldown of shatter shot removed, considering strong healing going on around?

  1. Is this a bug that will be fixed (will gunslingers and snipers be reliant on having other classes in the raid to live through certain mechanics)? Or is it intended that such a difficult to use mechanic as rolling exactly 0.5-0.7 seconds before getting hit is a defensive cooldown we should master, making it the hardest defensive cooldown to use in the game?

Paowee, Paowee
  1. There seems to be an DPS imbalance between 3/18/23 lethality/engineering and X/X/36 full lethality. Are these 2 specs performing DPS wise as intended? (Other version of question: A specific hybrid spec appears to be quite popular at current due to higher dps. In your play tests, do you have any numbers that support this theory in comparison to numbers for full lethality snipers?)
  2. 2-pc PVE and 2-pc PVP is "BIS" for Marksman, Engineering and Hybrid. 4-pc PVE is a "requirement" for Lethality. Is this intended--- are the set bonus on the list of things to look at or will we continue to raid with gimped main stat on armorings to get the most DPS for 3 out of our 4 raid specs?

  1. Laze Target seems a little pointless these days. It's a small dps increase, but doesn't seem very interesting any more. Back in 1.0 when stuff triggered off a crit, it was more useful, but now it seems vestigial.

  1. Are there plans to add a new ability that puts you in cover where you vs rolling into cover? Using either the ability or cover key; you roll into cover if you havea target and something is close enough. The problems with this is cover bug, rolling to a spot that LoS your target you are attacking, rolling into an AoE attack and rolling to another level in Huttball. You can drop where you are by deselecting your target. It doesn't work if you are getting attack.
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