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Quote: Originally Posted by NamikazeNaruto View Post
Or perhaps it's BECAUSE we're her guildmates and play with her quite frequently that we truly know she is an exceptional player. Regardless your opinion of her skill level is just that, opinion.

You also missed the entire point of what this post was about. It was to vote for who you wanted to be the Assassin representative. If you did not think that her skill level was high enough to warrant a nomination from you, then guess what? You could have simply said you nominated someone else for the position without trying to slander one of the nominees. Stop trying to push your negativity into a thread that was meant to be purely positive, please.

Also, this is my one and only reply to you because I want this thread to remain positive, I'm not going to derail it with flaming.
To be accurate, he/she was making libelous, not slanderous statements (libel is written/printed, slander is spoken).
Otherwise, spot on.