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Quote: Originally Posted by Xacuter View Post
First of all, stop being jealous. That's all I can take from your little bash sesh here.

Second of all, what the hell do you think highlight videos are for. Apparently if having a focus target setup when you are chilling out in normals means you are terrible, then I guess that makes all of us terrible. (Not to mention how buggy the damn thing is)

Third of all,

"Watch her vids. Watch her GCD cooldown on her hotbar. The way she moves in game, she is unable to chain GCDs back to back to back. She always has large gaps because she's can't stay facing a target"

is completely false. Duel her and I can guarantee that she doesn't even miss a single beat.

"* She doesn't use a variety of grenades. She only carries seismic"

is this a serious concern? Stop wasting our time.

Point being, Xinika in my opinion has helped all of the shadows/assassins on the server greatly with all her videos/guides/gearing tips. This is a thread to show some respect and gratitude for her and others efforts. Keep your jealousy out of it.


Don't white knight for her. You are in her guild, and are part of the problem. You keep telling her she's good and you won't man up and tell her to improve her gameplay on easy-to-fix adjustments.