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This is something we definitely talked about as a part of this program. For now our goal is to launch the Class Representatives and see how it goes. If it is well received on both sides and people like the dialog it creates. If it works, we will talk about expanding it, like you suggested above.

As you can see from this very thread some folks are hesitant about the concept. We too want to see how it goes before we roll it out too broadly!
First, it's good to see this program being implemented. It's something that can greatly help.
Second, I've been in similar programs in the other Star Wars MMORPG and I can tell you from experience that having representatives for each aspect is incredibly important. Especially roleplayers and socializers need representation as they evidently aren't represented enough among the developers which is evident by features that were promised as high priority since launch and even before that (chat bubbles, for example), but PVErs and PVPers and Space players as well. I suggest to create these three representative positions, too. It may also be a good idea to have a position for each crafting/crew skill, gameplay and others as well.