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Only a small fraction of players use the forums so these so-called representatives aren't representing much of anyone other than the vocal minority. Of that small fraction, how many use the class forums? I know I don't because there is nothing useful for me to be found there. I'm not deluded, I know I only speak for myself , I just wonder how many other forums users don't use the class forums.

Only paying players can post so you've already excluded members of the player base who might actually want to participate. And before people say it, not that it'll stop them, leave your 'they should pay' bull crap at the door; a player is a player no matter how they choose to play.

As Lunafox pointed out, this is really nothing but a popularity contest among the people who use the class forums.

As others pointed out, just reading the forums should give BioWare the information they are looking for, albeit you have to wade through all the bantha poo to get to it.

So yeah, I am not for having class representatives. If this goes forward, that's fine, I probably won't participate and I also know that these 'representatives' will not be speaking for me or my concerns (not that I really have any concerns about my classes and how they function at the moment). It also doesn't help that I don't have a very high opinion of these forums and what is posted in them. That's not to say there aren't good posters/posts, they're just few and far between in the sections I sometimes visit.

Anyway, that's my two credits, don't spend them all in one place..
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