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This is something we definitely talked about as a part of this program. For now our goal is to launch the Class Representatives and see how it goes. If it is well received on both sides and people like the dialog it creates. If it works, we will talk about expanding it, like you suggested above.

As you can see from this very thread some folks are hesitant about the concept. We too want to see how it goes before we roll it out too broadly!
Fair enough.

I think this is something that was needed at launch, as it helps breakdown for the Developers what exactly the player concerns are over a particular class, gameplay aspect, etc is important. Starting with classes is probably a good start, and hope the players understand that this tool can be utilized to help better their class performance. I also am in hopes each gameplay aspect will at some point have their own Reps, as I think these could also be very beneficial to player/developer dialogue. Cause right now, it seems we are worlds apart.

See ya next Thursday.