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Spoken like a true minority interest.

It's more basic then even you are stating. ALL gameplay options are equally important. And history has shown in MMOs that PvPers don't care about PvE interests. To some degree the reverse is also true..but to nowhere near the extreme. But the reality is that good representatives for the classes will be people with a balanced view of PvE and PvP.. NOT the hardcore in either camp.

Like in politics.. so many things in the world run better under "centrist" principles.
What history? Did you make up this history, or is there an actual honest to god history and statistics of MMOs thing I'm missing here?

I can say from personal experience, with 100% certainty, that more PvPers care about PvE than PvErs care about PvP. In reality, its the PvE heavy people that tend to hate PvP, and the heavy PvP people could take or leave PvE, and at least are interested and informed in it for gear/progression purposes - along with many things translating back well.

Best reps will be hardcore in the class, regardless of PvP or PvE. Lacking either "Extreme" would be fail of someone described as a class expert.