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Hi all, I'd like to introduce myself to everyone. I go by hobowithastick on the forums but am known on the POTF server as Yaddle.

I think what would make me good at this position is my experience with all the skill tree's. While I won't claim I am the best of know everything I am always open to learning more and listening to others. Assassin is by far my favorite advanced class in the game.

I also have in my guild the highest Assassin Dps(according to TORPARSE) player remaining in game in my guild. He's a very good resource for ideas and collaboration.

What I will do for you.
Just like the Job says in Erics post. I will gather the questions asked by the community and the 3 most important ones will be conveyed to the combat team.

I would also have a selected night I would open up my teamspeak to those who message me in game or PM me on swtor site and we could have an open discussion in there if enough people would be interested.

Yaddle: 55 Assassin Darkness spec cleared all the content in the game outside of the new NM content. /played 34 days 20hours. I've played this toon since nearly launch and have loved every bit of it. I understand the Assassin community has many concerns about tanking right now, I myself have some very good ideas on how to get that back where it needs to be and with the support of the community I know we can do it.

Here is a video of me getting warstalker (Level 50) back in the NM EC days.

Ellie: 55 Assassin Deception Spec While I've yet to play PVE with this toon I do play PVP and have had to toon exclusively for PVP. /played 7 days 23 hours While I haven't played this as much as my tank I do understand the tree very well and play to what I feel is a much higher level then what most Sins do. Coming out on top dps most games with a single target build is always very rewarding.

Emanuele: 42 Jedi Shadow Balance /played 3 days 22 hours. While I will admit I don't have the most experience with balance/Madness I do understand that its in a little need of some help. I promise to make a effort to learn more about this spec and how to improve it.

Good luck to everyone that signs up for this and may the force be with you.